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We've launched a new product called RevivaWeb ( to provide a solution for a recurring problem we've seen in the past few years.  There's a few of you out there who, quite frankly, have a really bad website.  When I say "bad," what I mean specifically is:

  • Your website is not mobile ready causing it to display poorly on mobile devices and perform poorly in mobile search results
  • Your website is wordy and requires too much time to get your message across in this attention deficit society
  • Your website looks dated and isn't even up to the standards of a typical free Wordpress template
  • Your website still has Flash element on it which display a grey box on mobile devices
  • Your website just doesn't work and provide a benefit for your business

Recently, we've been tasked by clients to re-do their website and make perform better in search, conversion, and usability.   In fact, this has become such a popular request, we decided to splinter off this offer as a product of it's own.  The process is simple:

  • We install a fresh copy of Wordpress, Concrete5 or our own proprietary CMS, depending on the needs of your site
  • We customize a template to match the look and feel of your company
  • We move over the content of your existing website after our copywriters do a full review and make suggested edits.
  • We host your site for a year at no additional cost
  • We assist with managing your DNS records, etc. to make your new site live

All of this for a cost of $399.   You can't get your neighbor's kid's friend to do it for that!   

So, if your website is not doing what you want it to do for your business, contact us to learn how to make a change.  You'll love your website again!

Posted on Aug 23, 2016