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Pet Sitting is Getting Easier, LLC will soon be launching the latest major update of their pet sitting software.   ABK Technologies, LLC is proud to be a partner in that venture and we've worked hard to make the next release the best yet - ready for the newest generation of web users.   Some of the changes include:

  • MUCH better support for mobile.   The site is fully responsive, and will be improving even more after launch as larger data tables and such are further redesigned for mobile only content.
  • Cleaner and easier to use interface.
  • Better performance.   As more large-scale users have come on board, performance has had to be a major focus.
  • Better platform for future growth.   The newest platform allows us to add features and make changes in a much more timely manner.

Additionally, we've worked with, LLC to develop a new application, which will provide leads to the users.   As pet sitting is becoming more and more competitive, lead generation and prospecting has become more important for a successful company.   Watch for this new service to come out soon!

In the meantime, get your free 30-day trial of and be ready for the new update coming out this week.

Posted on Jun 08, 2015